This section presents information on unique policy issues affecting Latino and/or immigrant families, as well as examples of policy documents from California counties and other states that address these issues.

Please note - References in this section were posted as part of a time-limited project and may not be up to date

A Summary of Policies Addressing Latino and/or Immigrant Families is available here. The categories below provide additional information and specific policy examples.

Policy briefs
Information and data regarding the unique policy issues affecting Latino and/or immigrant families from national policy and/or advocacy organizations.

MOUs & notification to foreign consulates
Examples of Memoranda of Understanding with foreign consulates and policies that address notification and communication with foreign consulates.

Placement, reunification, or adoption with foreign parents/relatives
Policies that address the placement, reunification, or adoption of a dependent child with a parent or relative residing in a foreign country.

Placement of children with undocumented relatives
Policies that address placement of dependent children with an undocumented relative, including procedures for obtaining criminal background checks and acceptable forms of photo identification.

Communication between children & foreign parents
Policies that address visitation between dependent children and parents who reside in a foreign country, procedures to facilitate participation in court hearings by parents who live in a foreign country, and strategies to facilitate participation in permanency planning.

Immigration relief options
Policies that address eligibility requirements and procedures for accessing various forms of immigration relief for non-citizen dependent children.

Language access
Policies that address language access and examples of forms to determine clients' language preferences.

Policies that address eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for Permanent Residence Under Color of Law (PRUCOL) status.

Combined policy documents
Examples of policies that address several of the above issues in one policy or procedural guide.