This section includes articles and other materials that present research findings on Latino children and families' involvement in child welfare systems.

Please note - References in this section were posted as part of a time-limited project and may not be up to date

This section is organized into the following categories:

Introductory works/Overviews
General articles that address the unique issues facing Latino and/or immigrant children and families in the child welfare system as well as research findings on the demographic characteristics of Latino children involved in this system.

Disproportionality and disparities
Research findings addressing both over-representation and under-representation of Latino children in the child welfare system, as well as disparities in outcomes compared to other racial/ethnic groups.

Strengths and resources
Research findings on strengths and resources among Latino families and how they may be used to facilitate resilience and prevent the need for child welfare system intervention.

Health and mental health: Needs, use, and access
Research findings on the health and mental health needs of Latino children involved in the child welfare system, with an emphasis on their access to and use of health and mental health services.

Risk and maltreatment
Research findings on risk factors and maltreatment dynamics among Latino families.

Child welfare system responses
Articles that highlight the ways in which child welfare systems have responded to the needs of Latino and/or immigrant families.

Child welfare system outcomes
Research findings on outcomes among Latino and/or immigrant children in the child welfare system.