Recurrence of Allegations after Exit

Of all children whose first exit during a 12-month base time period resulted in reunification, KinGAP or guardianship, what percent were subjects of a maltreatment allegation within 6, 12, 18, or 24 months of that last exit? The recurrence allegations are stratified by disposition type--substantiated, inconclusive, unfounded and assessment only--and recurrence counts and percents are reported for all disposition types. Children with a recurrence are counted only once, according to their most severe disposition. Non-recurrence counts and rates represent children who had no subsequent allegation during the follow-up period. *

Agency Type:

Selected Base Period Over Time:

* These tables only include allegations received after children leave care. Children reentering care, especially those receiving post-reunification Family Maintenance Services, often do so without reported subsequent allegations. Thus actual rates of post-placement maltreatment may be somewhat higher than reported in these tables. Further analysis of this issue is intended.