Point in Time/In Care

These reports include all children who have an open child welfare or probation supervised placement episode in the CWS/CMS system.

NOTE: As of Quarter 3, 2017, we recommend you interpret placement type data with caution. Planned modifications to the recording of placement homes in CWS/CMS may affect reports by placement type as soon as the Q4 17 data extract. We will provide details once changes take effect. As of Quarter 2, 2017, placement types that reflect the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process are no longer presented separately. For details, please see:

(Agency Type: Child Welfare)
(Agency Type: Probation)
The report option 'California CWS Outcomes System Summary Table' matches the CWS Outcomes Excel files. Both are restricted to children and youth ages 0 to 20 years. The general reports include ages 0-21 years. They can be restricted to 0-20 using the filter page.
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