3-P4 Re-entry within 12 months

Of all children who enter care in the 12-month period who discharged within 12 months to reunification or guardianship, what percent re-enter foster care within 12 months?

Note: As of Quarter 4, 2017, 3-P4 includes placement episodes where the first placement in the episode is identified as a guardianship placement, but with an authority for placement of WIC 300 or WIC 600. For details, please see the methodology:

Note: There are discrepancies between this report and the 3-P1 report in the count of children and youth exiting to reunification within 12 months. Consistent with the federal definitions of the measures, 3-P1 applies the Trial Home Visit (THV) adjustment and 3-P4 does not. Please see the methodology for each report for details.

(Agency Type: Child Welfare)
(Agency Type: Probation)
(Agency Type: Child Welfare, Probation and Other)

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