CWS Outcomes System Summary Files

Note: As of the Quarter 2, 2015 extract, CFSR2 measures have been replaced by CFSR3 measures in the outcomes spreadsheets. CFSR2 measures are still available for your reference.

Q4 15 County-Specific Outcome Spreadsheets (.xls File) by County:
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These spreadsheets contain the data that are included in the California Child Welfare Outcomes and Accountability System quarterly reports. They also include worksheets that allow comparison of performance between time periods and to national and performance standards (where applicable). The child welfare workbooks include graphs of many of the measures. In order to understand any measure, it is necessary to review it in the context of the entire cycle of measures, performance over time, and performance stratified by age, ethnicity, and gender. Please visit the online reports to further explore these measures.

Key Outcomes Presentation Tool (Quarter 4, 2015 Data Extract)
Excel 2003 version

The Key Outcomes Presentation Tool includes data from selected reports on this site, many of which are part of the CWS Outcomes reports above; it is not intended as a replacement for those reports. It allows users to display selected measures and reports for California or individual counties. Users can also control the interval displayed for the state/counties they have selected. In some sections users are able to set the span for percent change calculations. As with the CWS Outcomes reports available above, we encourage users to further explore these data using the dynamic reporting features available on this site.

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