Measure 5F Children Authorized for Psychotropic Medications

CDSS Measure 5F: Children Authorized for Psychotropic Medications

(Agency Type: Child Welfare)

Drill Down Reports:

Single time period selections for California or an individual county are available with limited features. Multiple time period reports for California and individual counties are temporarily offline while we implement reporting modifications. Sorry for any inconvenience. Summary data (state and county level) are also available in the quarterly outcomes spreadsheet files located at:

Note: Values of 10 or less and calculations based on values of 10 or less are masked (***). In stratified views of the data, additional values (the lowest available) are masked to prevent calculation of values of 10 or less. With individual geography selections (California, Individual County, or Grouped Counties), due to small cell sizes, data for many time periods/stratifications will be masked. Masking is performed to protect the privacy of individuals served by CDSS. For additional information, you can read more here: De-Identification Guidelines DSS Reference Guide_FINAL.pdf

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