Measure 4E ICWA Placement Preferences

These reports examine the placement status of Indian Child Welfare Act eligible children [4E(1)] and children with primary or mixed (multi) ethnicity of American Indian [4E(2)]. Placement status takes placement type, child relationship to substitute care provider, and substitute care provider ethnicity into account. The resulting placement status categories are placements with relatives; with non-relative, Indian substitute care providers; with non-relative, non-Indian substitute care providers; with non-relative substitute care providers with ethnicity missing in CWS/CMS; in group homes (ethnicity cannot be determined); and in other placements.

(Agency Type: Child Welfare, ages 0-17)
(Agency Type: Probation, ages 0-17) The report option 'California CWS Outcomes System Summary Table' matches the CWS Outcomes Excel files. Both are restricted to children and youth ages 0 to 17 years. The general reports include ages 0-21 years. They can be restricted to 0-17 using the filter page.
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