Measure 4E ICWA Placement Preferences

These reports examine the placement status of Indian Child Welfare Act eligible children [4E(1)] and children with primary or mixed (multi) ethnicity of American Indian [4E(2)]. Placement status takes placement type, child relationship to substitute care provider, and substitute care provider ethnicity into account. The resulting placement status categories are placements with relatives; with non-relative, Indian substitute care providers; with non-relative, non-Indian substitute care providers; with non-relative substitute care providers with ethnicity missing in CWS/CMS; in group homes (ethnicity cannot be determined); and in other placements.

Note: CWS/CMS Release 8.4 (Q4 18) made several modifications in the way in which Substitute Care Provider (SCP) ethnicity is reported. One modification conformed reporting to Federal requirements. This resulted in some shifts between the Non-Relative Substitute Care Provider placement status categories of Non Indian SCPs and SCP Ethnic Missing.

(Agency Type: Child Welfare, ages 0-17)
(Agency Type: Probation, ages 0-17) The report option 'California CWS Outcomes System Summary Table' matches the CWS Outcomes Excel files. Both are restricted to children and youth ages 0 to 17 years. The general reports include ages 0-21 years. They can be restricted to 0-17 using the filter page.
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