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Health Research Group
Focusing on Research at the Intersection of Health issues and Social Welfare Policy

Introduction  |  There has probably never been a more appropriate time for a Research Center which focuses on the intersection of health issues and social welfare policy. With the current struggles over health care reform at the national, state, and county levels, and the growing uncertainty about how health care will be delivered, who will receive health benefits, how benefits will be funded, and how costs will be contained, we are in an excellent position to engage in research leading to policy recommendations directly related to social work services in health.

With the faculty leadership of Lorraine Midanik and Bari Cornet, the vision for the Health Research Group within the Center is to provide an opportunity where research in the health field can be fostered and in which we can recruit and nurture social work researchers with strong commitments and linkages to health agencies in which social workers are employed.

With the assistance of our Health Advisory Committee, consisting of health and social work professionals on the state, county and local levels, we have developed priorities concerning research projects for the Center. Five areas that we have already identified include: managed health care, recruitment and retention of social workers in the AIDS/HIV epidemic, case management in health care, the role of social workers on health care teams, and perinatal alcohol and drug use.

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