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Point in Time/Case Service Components
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Notes on Data Source

These reports examine children in each Service Component on the specified date. The Service Components are [CWS/CMS codes in brackets]:

  1. Permanent Placement [1695]
  2. Family Reunification [1694]
  3. Family Maintenance [1693]
    • No Placement
    • Post-Placement
  4. Emergency Response [1692]
  5. Supportive Transition [6540]

Family Maintenance case services provided after Family Reunification and/or Permanent Placement case services were provided during the same case opening are reported as Post-Placement Family Maintenance case services. Otherwise Family Maintenance case services are reported as No Placement Family Maintenance services. Please note that children receiving No Placement Family Maintenance services may later be placed in out-of-home care--during the same or a subsequent case. They may also have received Family Reunification and/or Permanent Placement services in a prior case.

While a family may be receiving concurrent planning services, each case can have only one Service Component and Case Plan Goal in effect at any one time. If two Service Components are active, the last Service Component closed is reported. This analysis does not include cases with an Intervention Reason Type of “Incoming ICPC Request” because the sending state retains responsibility for the case.

Probation data are not available for years prior to 2012 because CWS/CMS Case functionality was not available to Probation in all counties before 2012.

Note: Cells containing a period (".") represent a value of zero. In cells representing quotients, a period may also indicate the indeterminate form 0/0.

This measure may also be run with filters in place to restrict the data to various subgroups of other variables (e.g., Black subgroup of the Ethnicity variable, <1 year old subgroup of the Age variable, etc.). Please see the links below for details:

Agency Type

Age Group

Ethnic Group


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