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CDSS Measure 6B
Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
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Notes on Data Source

Note: With the Quarter 3, 2015 data extract, this program was revised to use the UCB_FC_AFCARS file as the primary data source. The UCB_FC_AFCARS file excludes non-dependent guardians, out-of-state ICPC placements, and non-foster care placements. This revision allows the inclusion of formerly excluded placements missing an entry on the Authority for Placement Table. It also allows the exclusion of certain previously included non-dependent guardian placements in placement episodes with multiple authorities for placement. In general, the revision slightly increases both the numerator and denominator. However, to the degree that counties have not been entering Authority for Placement data, these differences may be substantial.

This report provides the number of children in out-of-home placements who have ever had an IEP.

The denominator includes children in:

  • In Child Welfare Department supervised care;
  • Out of home placements during the quarter; and
  • Placement episodes lasting 31 days or more.
The denominator excludes:
  • Non-dependent legal guardianship placements;
  • Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) placements (in or out);
  • Children 19 years of age or older; and
  • Children placed outside of California.

The numerator is the count of children above who:

  • Received an IEP at any time.

Note that the children counted as having an IEP in this report may have received the IEP after the review quarter.

Note: Cells containing a period (".") represent a value of zero. In cells representing quotients, a period may also indicate the indeterminate form 0/0.

This measure may also be run with filters in place to restrict the data to various subgroups of other variables (e.g., Black subgroup of the Ethnicity variable, <1 year old subgroup of the Age variable, etc.). Please see the links below for details:

Age Group

Ethnic Group


Placement Type