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CDSS Measure 2S By Year
Timely Monthly Caseworker Visits (In Home)
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Notes on Data Source

These reports are only available for children in Child Welfare Department supervised care only; CWS/CMS does not include data on in-home services provided by other agencies.

This report considers each month separately, but summarizes this data for a 12-month period. For each month in the 12-month period, three numbers are determined:

  1. The number of children receiving in-home services who were required to have an in-person contact, i.e., who had an open case for the full calendar month and received in-home services for at least one day of that month;
  2. The number and percent of children in Group 1 who had at least one in-person contact during the month; and
  3. The number and percent of children in Group 2 where at least one of that month’s in-person contacts was in the child’s residence.

The report also reports an unduplicated count of the number of children who were in Group 1 during the 12-month period. For this count, data are unduplicated separately for the state and for each county. Thus the statewide count and the count for a single county are true unduplicated counts. However, because children who received services for one or more calendar months from more than one county during the year are counted for each county, the sum of the count for all counties will exceed the statewide total. In the same fashion, when grouping counties, to the degree that children received services from two or more grouped counties there will be an overcount.

To be counted as having received in-home services for the full month (Group 1, above) the child:
  • Must have been less than 18 years of age on the first day of the month;
  • Must have been in an open case during the entire month (i.e., the case start date must have been on or before the first day of the month and the case end date must have been on or after the last day of the month);
  • Must not have been in an open placement episode for the full calendar month (i.e., must have had at least one day of in-home services), as indicated in UCB_FC_AFCARS.
For a visit to be counted during a specific month a child received in-home services (Group 2, above) the visit must have:
  • Occurred during the reporting month;
  • Been completed (status code from the delivered services table is “C”);
  • Been in-person (communication method of 408 from the delivered services table); and
  • Had contact type of “staff person to child” (contact party type of 425 from the contact party delivered services table).

For a visit that occurred during a specific month (Group 3, above) to be counted as having occurred in the child’s residence the visit must have a contact location of “home” (contact location type of 417 on the delivered service table).

Note: Cells containing a period (".") represent a value of zero. In cells representing quotients, a period may also indicate the indeterminate form 0/0.

This measure may also be run with filters in place to restrict the data to various subgroups of other variables (e.g., Black subgroup of the Ethnicity variable, <1 year old subgroup of the Age variable, etc.). Please see the links below for details:

Age Group

Ethnic Group